Perawatan Website

From time to time, I found website owner who have problems in getting their website updated with fresh content at all time. Either they have difficulties contacting their webmaster or they do not have control over their own website.

We suggest to use whatever tools you are comfortable with, but if you need help in maintaining your website, please contact us.

We can assist you in maintaining your website or do a periodic maintenance on your corporate websites by weekly or monthly basis. Our rates are all depend on the level of difficulties and hours spent.

Usually depending on your website traffic, for a normal company website, with a minimum of 4 updates per month, we will guarantee your website stay fresh and up-to-date. (anything related to the design are not included, just the content!)

We do:
* text updates
* photo updates
* pdf updates
* adding/deleting pages
* writing for the web / rewrites
* graphic design / information design / interface design
* CMS (content management system) installation and maintenance
* module update and Drupal CMS maintenance

We also provide periodic or case by case website maintenance service, as per your request.

The benefits of using our website maintenance service are:

  1. you probably don't need to hire a full-timer to take care of your website
  2. your website will always be updated (news and events, promotions etc.)
  3. you can concentrate on your business and we'll watch your website to grow organically
  4. we will keep your website safe and secure, away from any disturbances or disruptions. (Note: this applied only if you host your website with us.

We also develop websites using content management systems, such as: